Issue. The Australian government has been keeping a tight policy to limit water usage because of a severe lack of water cuased by climate change. Would you agree if the Korean government brings in this policy?

Yes, I totally agree with this. Like the case of Korea that most civilians can't recognize the importance of saving water source, this policy would help the general public reducing extra water consumption at some degree. Many Korean usually waste too much water in many fields like taking a long shower, washing the dishes or something, even if  they've already learned  that we all have to save water. It's because most Korean consider the water as what they can buy with just money.  And this kind of generally accepted idea is hard to be changed because we're all living under the capitalism. We should know water is really essential and if we keep using water excessively, natural environment will be lifethreatening. So by introducing strict policy on limit water usage, I guess we can save a large amount of water consumpsion effectively.

1. Do you think that people really can forecast the weather exactly?

No, I don't. Although we can relatively forecast the weather of the near future compared to before, it's still true that we cannot exactly know the crazy weahter variation these days. You know the more human develops the world, the more the climate change is complex and unpredictable. So we have to dicuss about the eco-friendly way to develop our civilization. I mean, we have to find the way we can co-exist the narual environment as soon as possible. Before long, we would face the most terrible natural disaster that we've never experienced before without doubt.

2. Explain the characteristics of Korea's four seasons.

Korea has four district seasons. And each season has its own clear climate characteristics. Spring is from March to May. It's really warm, I mean, the average temperature of spring season is 15℃ or so. It's my favorite season. Summer starts from June to August. As you know, since Korea's summer is also really hot, the average temperature of summer is about 30℃. And there're a few times of mosoon(heavy rain) during summer of Korea. Autume is from September to October and the average temperature is about 10℃. In fall, most trees and mountains change their color, I mean, you can see the maple in this season. And finally winter starts from November to February. Korean winter is so cold these days, so the average temperature of winter is -5℃ or so.
But lately, we don't seem to have spring and fall. The weather is exactly hot and cold. I think it all has to do with climate change.

3. What is the easiest way for you to protect the environment from polution?

Well, actually I don't konw. I usually think of the way I can protect the environment from polution, eventually I always get to know that I cannot protect the environment just alone. So to be honest, I don't know exactly what the easiest way to protect the environment damaged on a global scale. I just vaguely assume that we need to do something altogether to protect it, and in that regard, the government policy on it is really important. Oh, so all I have to do is to cast my vote to a right politician anyway.... How do you think about it?

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