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Issue. Some people think it is important for them to get married on the day chosen for them by a Shaman. Do you agree with this?

Since I don't really believe those kinds of shamanism, palm reading, tarot cards and stuff like that, I don't consider those like unscientific issues when I make a choice, especially for getting married.
But some Koreans still think that it's really crucial for them to get married on the day chosen for them by a shaman, you know. I think it's because it is really hard to forcast our future exactly by ourselves, particulary these days. You know the world is becoming more complex than before. So people try to relieve our burden of makina a choice by shifting our responsibility of choice to a shaman. So this is my own point of view. I'd say, if someone is able to feel more comfort by visiting a shaman, it would be better for him/her than excluding it, and vice-versa.

1. Please explain the Korean female shaman. What do they do?

As for the Korean female shaman, I really hate her actually. You know what, the majority of Korean shamans insist that they can deeply communicate ghosts, demons and spirits. They usually say to naive persons that all their misfortun or unhappiness just come from the bad ghost possessing them. And at the same time, they insist that he/she need strong charms or amulets to eliminate a bad spirit and ask large amount of money for their work about the exorcist. Isn't it sound like so weird? I mean, they just earn money by using people's basic weekness of mind. I hate that point you know.

2. Why do people want to see the fortune-teller?

As I mentioned before, we all have our own week points in our minds. I mean, we all have a instict that we want to shift our responsibility of choice to someone else. In addition, we can be a little happy by hearing some sweet words from a shaman. So that't why people want to see the fonture-teller.

3. Do you think that shamanism will disappear due to the development of science, or will it continue on?

Well, I think so. I'd say, the more the science will be developed, the more difficult we make a choice or judge something whether it's right or not. So the number of people who believe superstition won't be decreased in the future. And the type of shamanism might be really various in the future becuase if there is a person wants to believe superstition, there is also a person who use this as an way to earn money. So in this regard, a shamanism can become like a company in the near future, anyway. For example, one of the Korean biggest leading companies, named Samsung has chosen the location of their head office according to the theory of divination based on topography.

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