Issue. One opinion argues that the annual salary should be the top priority when you choose your job. Do you agree with this?

No, I don't agree with this. I think the best job is one you find yourself enjoying, and being good at. Even if the annual salary is also very crucial, it shouldn't be the top priority when you choose your job. In addition, a job is one of the major issues related to the genuine happiness of our lives, so when we choose our job the first thing we should do is to find out what we really want to do, and whether a job will let us happy or not. Let me assume an extreme case about that. Some people consider money as the top value in their lives, so some of them occationally fall into temptation of the black money.

1. What are the conditions of the most ideal job?

As I said a minute ago, the best job is one related to what you can enjoy throughout your life, what you've wanted to do since old times and stuff like that. If you choose those kinds of jobs, you can obtain more exellent results. Furthermore, a good money is one of the accompanying factors according to your exellent results in most of the cases.

2. What is the most special job you have ever heard of?

The most special job I've ever heard of was an astronaut. Have you ever heard of the first Korean astronaut or the first Korean spaceship like that? You know, thses days Korean government began to get down to invest money on a space development. And last year, the first Korean astronaut was selected coming through a competition of more than 100,000 to 1 as part of the national space development. In that regard, her occupation is really meaningful for every Korean and she would be remembered the first Korean astronaut who could see the earth from the outside in the space. That's really awesome job, isn't it?

3. What do you think is the most promising job of the future?

I strongly believe the most promising job in the near future is one related to IT and eco-friendly technology. You know what. These days the special needs about smart electric appliances like iPhone is skyrocketing. Before long, the market about a semiconductor or an electric display pannel is tremendously increasing. At the same time, the social and technological issue about enviromentally friendly technologies would come to the fore. So I can say that a job allied nano-tech, cumputer programming and constructing social network in the web is the most promising job of the future.
In addition, since those kinds of industrial fields are unparalleled in human's history, they can called, "Most powerful Blueoceans" that we've never seen before.

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