Issue. Some people think buying imitation designer labeled goods is effective in terms of cost saving. Do you agree with this?

No, I don't agree. When we discuss about imitation, it might not be important that whether it's illegal or not for each indivisual. Most of all, purchasing imitation is a matter of each person's tastes. So to judge this totally depends on indivisuals. But just about every imitation designer labeld goods has very law quality. Since they are made up of law qualitied materials, they're not very durable. So before long we will get to know that we have to throw away them and eventually we cannot help regreting about what we purchased imitations.

1. Are you the kind of person who has designe brands?

Yes. Since basically I'm a human too, and foremost, I really sick of using imitations, most items in my closets and shoe rack are honest goods. But I'm not to say I have a strong vanity or something. I'd say I deeply know that buying imitation designer labeled goods is not cost saving but waste of money. Most of the case, they have a low quality.

2. What do you think about the people who have a lot of designer brands items?
Well, it's not bad. Because it all depends on each personal's choices. Whatever they stick to a designer brand item ot not, it would be fine if they feel good by purchasing something. But there're some people who always try to purchase only designer brand items, even though they can't afford their hig price. Furthermore, they sometimes take out a private loan to buy the expensive designer brand items like Prada, GUCCI and stuff like that. You know most of them will eventually suffer from a large amount of the debt. Speaking of which, let me introduce a little amazing stroy about that. I read an article that there are some people who are willing to sell their kidney to buy Hermes's back.

3. Some people argue that an unconditional preference for designer brands is related to a person's false consciousness. What do you think about this?

I totally agree with that idea. We can easily see those types of persons in some movies or soap operas like "Devile Wears Prada" and "Sex and the City".
Of course, it's true that a lot of designer brand goods are more beautiful and gorgeous than imitations or non-designer brand labeled itmes, but these days most buyers more consider about its label or an expansive price tag, instead of its quality. I'd say that can be called a person's false consciousness. Many people buy expensive designer brand goods to show off their wealth or something like that to others. And to be honest, when I see those people, I feel really disgusting. In that regard, the reason why many youngsters daydream to buy expensive cars like Mercedes-benz, Ferrari like that is same.

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