Issue. Your company or school will prohibit using disposable cups to reduce the use of disposable products. Do you agree with this?

Yes, I agree with this. I think by using a personal mug or something like a non-disposable cup, the company or school might be obtain a cost saving on purchasing disposable cups. And foremost, we can expact the effect of the protection of the environment. Although stop using disposable paper cups would be a sort of annoying thing, you know, by doing so we can protect the environment. I've ever see a statistic about the proportion of the paper cup at the total amount of wood pulp. It takes almost half of whole wood pulp. So if we stop using the disposable cups, we don't have to log more trees and can protect the environment.

1. What is a way to decrease the use of disposable products?

Most of all, we should know that disposable product really harm the environment. But these days, we've already been familiar to using them in daily life, so it seems to be obvious that it's impossible to halt them right now. So I'd say to decrease the use of disposable products, government have to introduce tight regulations on the companies producing them and prohibit stocking deposable goods at all public institutions and markets. And in the meantime, government should advertise frequently about using personal mug cups like that instead of the disposable products.

2. Where are the most disposable products used?

You know, I go to a fitness center everyday. And I think that fitness center is where the disposable products are used most. During working out at the fitness center, all people constantly drink water with a water purifier. The problem is that everyone use a new disposable paper cup almost every time they want to drink water. So the garbage cans of the fitness center are always full of pater cups.

3. What do you do to protect your earth and the environment?

You know, the more our society gets developed, the more we get familiar to use products which are produced through the more complicated manufacturing process. And every steps of the manufacturing has its own external expense, for instance, water pollution caused by producing semiconductors like that. That's the reason why many people insist that technology is inompatble with the environment. The obsessive-compulsive technological development has made us forget teh way to get rest enough and nature environment as well. So to protect the environment we have to think of the way we can rest properly. By doing so, we can make nature turn up the swich of natral purification. But, its such a shame that many politicians and companies stick to develope a technology to cure the environment.

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