Issue. Some poeple argue that an arranged marriage is better than a love match. Do you agree with this?

 Yes, I agree with this. An unarraged marriage uaually causes some problems that are really hard to overcome during married life, like financial unstability or something like that. So it's really obvious it's so important to prepare marriage in terms of financial stability or spritual health.
 I mean, love is the most essential factor for marriage, yet if we want to have a "happily-ever-after" life, to a certain extent, we should be financially stable. I'd say any factor is not a completely ignorable factor, so I think that's why getting married is kind of difficult these days.

1. Where did you get married? If you are not married yet, where would you want to have your marriage ceremony?
 Since I'm a Catholic, I'd like to have my marriage ceremony at the Church. But it can be changed according to who my marriage partner will be in the future. I want to get married with my partner under the god's blessing. But these days not a few women in Korea only stick to have a marriage ceremony at a place which is full of vanity and what.... very luxurious hotel or something. I think it's just mundane, boring thing everybody wants to do. When I see persons who madly look for very expensive place for their own marriage ceremony, I even think that they want to marry for the purpose of not congratulating their marriage, but showing their extravagant wedding ceremony to others.

2. Why are there so many match-making companies thriving in Korea?

 Well actually I don't understand why people make their marriage partners with that companies, even though a personal choise is the most important. Anyway I just vaguely assume that is one of the flows of capitalism, called specializing. You know, in a capitalized economy many fields has been being departmentalized and each member of society has been being specialized in their own skills or jobs. Actually departmentalizing and specializing can bring a synergy effect. So in that regard, people are shifting their jobs related to marriage onto the match-making companies.

3. What is the most important criteria to choose your marriage partner?

 I'm human too, and foremost, I'm a man so I do like a pretty woman. But I'm tend to figure out this and that when I choose my marriage partner. For example, positive mind, same religion with me, a family like that. So I can say I'm a little picky boy.
 But you know what, the girls who I've ever met so far were not completely matched my ideal type. I've usually fallen in love with a girl unconsciously, I mean, I cannot help being charmed with love even though she was not my ideal type. I'd say "Love has always blinded me." You know it's called "Bean pods are on the eyes." in Korea.

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