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Life - News

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Issue. Some people think that Newspaper Companies do not always provide good articles because of managerial problems related to offering their articles for free on the Internet. Do you agree with this?

 No, I don't agree with this. But I'm not to say they always provide good articles. I'd say before I experienced Wikipedia, I did believe that articles written by those Internet Newspapers cannot help depending on the advertisement, contribution or something like that. But these days, not a few Newspaper Companies based on the internet are becoming the popular social hubs for every general publics. Those internet newspapers are represented by Wikipedia, Ohmynews, Blogger and stuff like that. Even though they're all nonprofit organizations, we can see a variety of the freshest news through them. Countless of netizens continuously write news and those news are gone through thousands of revisions by other netizens. I mean, everyone is editor. Some are experts but others are not. So if someone first write a news on those web sites, many people add more information about it and fix it. You know those series of group activities make a good news. That's why there's no advertisement on the wikinews or twitter.
 A news can be made by many people who're willing to share their own idea, data or something. And Since the mechanism of those internet newspaper closely resemble in Democracy, most of the case they're pretty reliable and convincing. Like what....Google. Google pursues an open source. It's called group intelligence.

1. Which section do you have the greatest interest in when you read newpapers?

Since I'm a car fanatic, a section I always look at the most carefully is a car and technology. Actually I'm subscribing three kinds of car magazines monthly. In additoin, I'm following some reporters and journalists of famous car magazines on twitter.

2. Do Koreans have a lot of interest in current issues?

Yes, wo do. As you know, Korea is known for its the highest level of high-speed Internet penetration in the world, so just about every Korean is really familiar to read the recent articles on the internet whoever he/she is very young or very old. So it is very natural for us to share personal ideas about current issues on the internet. For example, the number of users of twitter and cyworld is almost 40 million which is nine tenth of total population of South Korea.

3. If you want to spread your opinion quickly, what is the best way to tell the public?

For starters, I'm gonna write a mention on twitter, and then link it to my blog. By posting my opinion on my blog, I can express my own point of view about something very effectively. Plus I'll send a feed to many popular metablogs and social internet web sites like Facebook, Cywold, Wikinews, Lockerz like that. You know what, if I can expose my idea to just ten persons on twitter, almost half million people can read it. So I'd say it's the quickest way to spread my own opinion to others. Most of all, it's free! All I have to do is just to type a keyboard and click a mouse. And these days, I can quickly share my opinion more than ever with my smart phone.

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